Annual report 2014

ONGAWA, Engineering for Human Development, is a Development  NGO (Non Governmental Organization) whose mission is to put technology at the service of human development to build a more fair and caring society.

We are a meeting place for people and organizations that combine their energies in a project of social change based on human rights, and we are part of the global network of people and organizations that require the abolition of poverty and the building of a fair world. We are confident that the main engine of social change is people.

Lersorwai - Mchikatu - Makei 107 recortada

We see poverty as a violation of human rights and therefore we place these in the heart of our model of intervention. We work to achieve development outcomes that improve the lives of people and guarantee the exercise of their rights, providing our expertise in the areas in which we are specialists: WASH (Water, sanitation and hygiene), Information Technology and Communication (ICT), Energy and Environment,Agriculture and food, Citizenship and Enterprise and Development.


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